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lady k's bidet of evil
grr. argh.
Guys, I miss coffee. Why’d they have to take over the wing of my floor that has the break room in it? Srsly. Someone fax me coffee? Or, no, email me coffee. The fax machine is in the wing with the break room. Waii.

Do any of y’all know if any Starbucks are still open around here? And has anyone heard about people getting sick off Starbucks? queequeg47 was saying something about that yesterday, like Ex-employees are still running some of the stores out of habit but all the drinks they’re serving are infected, ‘cause I guess sanitation’s not really their strong point. It might just be a rumor, or an L.A. thing, but. I mean. Death by Frappuchino? I can think of radder ways to go. (Another couple days and the risk might totally be worth it. raaaaar caffeine ;_;)

New Style Guide is still (continually, eternally) a royal-type pain in my both of my buttcheeks. They keep trying to refine it! (erm, the Style Guide, not my buttcheeks.) We get lists of new and/or changed rules like once an hour. Note to the Emergency Broadcast System: Hi, zombie apocalypse. No one cares whether there’re serial commas in the shelter lists! Or about consistency of capitalization in Z-Day terminology. >_> Or, y’know, no one besides me & the other kids who’re still working here.

Speaking of which, Iiii should probably go do some of that “work” stuff. I hope everyone’s still doing okay! Comment if you’re not (un)dead yet?


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I decided to make this journal Friends-only, but if you Friend me I'll probably Friend you back.

See you on the flip side.

--lady k
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